Supplier Audits, Improvement & Inspection

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More and more organizations these days are realizing that there are clear benefits to maintain continuity throughout supplier audits by involving the auditor in the “follow-up” activities in probable scenarios below:-

  1. The new supplier audit process
  2. Existing supplier audit process and
  3. Any tactical or contingency need for supplier audit
Our team of certified auditors with shop floor experience can help organizations in any of their supplier audit needs. Our Auditors have conducted more than 500+ supplier audits as per customer requirements for ISO- 9001:2010/TS-16949/OHSAS-18001/VDA-6.3/     AS-9100 and C-TPAT.
At the end of an audit, we provide the detailed audit report clearly indicating what went right and what are the areas for improvement along with a time-bound corrective and preventive action plan (CAPAs). 
We also work with our customers on their specific needs for supplier performance improvement programs (SIPs) at their incumbent supplier sites. We work diligently with our customers to improve their suppliers in a most well defined time-frame.
BCC offers a wide and compressive range of inspection services including dimensional, witnessing performance tests, functional tests, drop tests or any specific test as per customer requirements. In some cases we were able to suggest our customers’ some simulation tests (based on our knowledge while working with diverse categories) to check the product quality and reliability as test rigs were not available and expensive.

Being a leading end to end supply chain company, we can support any of our customer’s Product /Dock /Layout Audit requirements including dimensional, functional, packaging and labelling as per their defined norms.