our approach

Who we are

We follow the most simple and yet very effective approach of PDCA- a continual improvement cycle.

Capture VOC - We work with our clients to first understand their need.  

Propose - Once we gather all the required information from Customer, we develop a typical SOW with detailed project plan having clear timelines. Once agreed, we move to next phase of supplier discovery  

Do - During this phase, we apply deep and distinctive functional expertise to find competent and cost effective suppliers across geographies as per customer needs with all due-diligence required at this stage. We also run the targeted search programs to aid supplier identifications. We consider this as a most critical step towards project success in later stages because if we are unable to find the most appropriate supplier here, our client will not be able to leverage the advantage of product development in later stages. In our opinion, majority of projects didn’t go to development stage when supplier identification is not done properly.

Check - We take utmost care to check the supplier details like technical expertise, capability, financial health, any other compliance check, responsiveness and most importantly price offered. We benchmark the prices offered through our own ‘Should Costing Model’. At this time, we always recommend to have an audit done of the facility.

Act - Once everything is okay, we help customer and supplier sign the contract for development. We can manage the entire SRM at this stage or customer can independently manage by taking the baton from us.